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Welcome to the Fauquier Chamber's Leadshare Networking Web Site located in Warrenton, Virginia within Fauquier County!

The Fauquier Leadshare is dedicated to providing Fauquier Chamber of Commerce members a distinct forum for business networking in Warrenton and Fauquier County. All Leadshare Groups are dedicated to providing you with a source of business leads from other Leadshare members, Fauquier Chamber of Commerce members, their friends and business associates in a noncompetitive environment. The rules of Leadshare are simple: Be a member of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce; only one business of a competing industry is allowed to join each Leadshare group;  attend at least 80% of the scheduled weekly meetings and pass business leads to fellow Fauquier Leadshare members.  There are a few more operational/etiquette/ethics guidelines and they can be seen by clicking on the left under Leadshare Rules. Over the 10 years of existence, a real camaraderie has developed among each group's business networking members and they have become a kind of "board of directors" and / or a group of business mentors for the other small business members. In other words, we are more than a business leads networking group -- we have become a family of local Northern Virginia businesses that help each other improve our chances for business success by passing leads to each other. We do business in Warrenton, Fauquier County, Northern Virginia and for some... the world.
So grab a Membership Application and join us at The Times Democrat on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They both start at 8 AM. It is best to visit on a day where your business is not represented (see list below) however, all are welcome on either day. Dues are only $65.00 a year with a one time $10.00 initiation fee. Remember: If your business doesn't market, it doesn't make it.

AND if your Business type IS listed below in each days groups, please contact the Fauquier Chamber Office  or send a message to the Leadshare webmaster and put your business on the waiting list for one of the Leadshare Groups. Also you will find out if a business class has recently dropped out from one of the Leadshare groups as happens from time to time but before it is updated by the volunteer webmaster.

Leadshare Groups (click heading to see current detailed list of
business networking members and contact information)

Tuesday Leadshare (8 openings available)
Members from these industries are represented:
AFLAC, Accounting firm; law office; clinical psychologist; life, casualty insurance; health insurance; real estate; hospice; advertising specialties; web site development and search engine marketing (SEO); mortgage broker; financial brokerage; newspaper; hospice; pension program consultant; telephone service sales and maintenance.
Fauquier Leadshare History
Fauquier Leadshare was begun in October, 1999 by then Fauquier Chamber Executive Director, Angela Denson, Michael Moorhead, and Jan Sutton who is still a Tuesday Leadshare active member and its current president. The new networking group expanded early the first year to Wednesday and then in May of 2003 to Thursday, due to unexpected popularity of the idea. Thursday grew to 27 members so a Friday Leadshare Group was started on January 12, of 2007 with 12 charter members and grew to 27 members...Unfortunately the business slow down took a toll on new businesses and to Thursday and Friday leads groups which disbanded in 2011 and 2010 respectively.
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Wednesday Leadshare (8 openings available)
Members from these industries are represented:
Mortgage banker; accounting; clinical psychologist; financial brokerage; hospice; cosmetic sales; HVAC company, Electrician; casualty insurance; health insurance; real estate; advertising specialties; web site development and search engine optimization (SEO), Business Telephone Servicing; newspaper; banker; and roofer.

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